Monte da Apariça



The “Herdade da Apariça e Chaparral”, with 720 ha, was purchased in 1995 by Mr. Jorge Bobone and his father, Mr. Carlos Bobone. Located in the lower Alentejo, between Castro Verde and Mértola, its main activity is extensive farming of pure-bred Mertolenga cattle for beef, with a total of 400 animals, among reproductive females (240), bulls (4) and young animals. Its owners are members of the “Associação de Criadores de Bovinos Mertolengos” (Association of Mertolengo Cattle Breeders).

In 1995, when they purchased the property that was later on transformed in an example of what the best Rural Tourism in Alentejo can be, this was only a sheep grazing site with little farming and pasture. Being mostly a Steppe Area with little forest cover, the owners decided right from the beginning to make some afforestation with the most typical and predominant trees in this area of the country: holm oaks and cork oaks. Presently, the Herdade has a total of 280 ha of oak and cork plantations that will largely beneficiate the area in the future. 

More recently, in 2007, Mr. Jorge Bobone started a new activity with Thoroughbred Arabian Horses, a breed that he is passionate for since he was little, not only for its beauty and endurance, but mostly for its dedication, humility and kindness.    

Always with the goal of breeding horses with good lineage and great Endurance skills and, above all, horses fitted for any type of sports, Mr. Jorge Bobone currently owns 3 stud mares, 3 stallions and several colts.

Also in 2007, Herdade da Apariça e Chaparral won 1st place in a national contest organized by the SPEA society, “KNOW THE BIRDS IN YOUR PROPERTY”, a contest that awarded the Herdade da Apariça e Chaparral as the best national site for the Birdwatching activity or Bird and Nature Watching, considering the diversity of the fauna and flora that can be observed in its 720 ha.

When Herdade da Apariça was purchased, the houses of this Alentejo property (also typically referred to as “Monte”) were all in ruins. Step-by-step, the Monte da Apariça Rural Tourism was rebuilt, maintaining the traditional architecture of the Alentejo region, and the functionality of an estate with a substantial agricultural profile.

Because the Herdade also has a cynegetics aspect, in 2006 was inaugurated a dining room, with fireplace, and a seating capacity of 50, equipped with an industrial kitchen and two toilets. This room has been used as a Hunting Lodge to accommodate and serve group lunches and dinners to the group of hunters that usually enjoy their hunting season in Herdade da Apariça.  


The Monte da Apariça Rural Tourism is integrated in the Special Protection Area of Castro Verde, where steppe is predominant. But since one end is limited by the Ribeira de Cobres stream, the landscape changes to scattered areas of holm oak, with some rock-rose extents. From the Monte, a large 20 ha dam is sighted, spot for a great variety of waterbirds and others, as well as otters, etc. 

Herdade da Apariça is 20 minutes away from the A2 highway (Castro Verde exit), 15 minutes from Castro Verde, 40 minutes from Beja, 30 minutes from Mértola and 50 minutes from Albufeira. The nearest beach is Vila Nova de Mil Fontes, at a 45 minutes driving distance.

Sites of interest: Main Church of Castro Verde, Adegas, Pulo do Lobo, Mértola, São Domingos Mines and its river beach, Pomarão.